7. Less Is Always More 

Don’t over-kern! Excessively tight letters can become unattractive and difficult to read. Rule of thumb is, if it looks fine to you visually, leave it. 

8. Don’t Neglect The Spacing Between Words 

Letter spacing is important, but so is word spacing. Make sure there’s enough space between words to easily distinguish one from another. 

9. Try Flipping The Typeface Upside Down 

This ninja brain-hack short circuits your familiarity with words. Our familiarity with a word can affect us subconsciously. For example, the word “Thin” might influence you to kern it tighter than other words. 

10. Always Have At Least Two Versions Of The Design 

At least have one small and one larger version. This helps clients see how your work will look in different contexts. Use this to identify any kerning changes that might be required in the future.