As technology advances, rubber stamps or company chop logo designers worldwide are coming up every day to introduce new logo designs for brands. This makes us expecting varieties of techniques in designing logos to flourish as we advance this year.

Below are some of the designs that we culled out and put together from arrays of eye-catching latest logo designs that are floating-in for the year 2021:

1. Character and Mascot in Logo Design

Logo designers are now putting more creativity into designing logos by using the latest 3D techniques and styles to include Character or Mascot in the design. Thereby moving into including animation, cartoons, and videos into their designs to create opportunities for the multi-dimensional use of the logo to advertise or personify a brand. We have many examples from Geraldine Nunez and GeGraph agency.

2. The Glitch in Logo Design

The 2021 design trends have dived into the sea of creativity and brought out many logo designs. The glitch design is now included. This logo design will work well and amazingly for businesses because it takes all the usual rules and logo design regulations. We have many glitch designs examples from Multiple Owner, Roberta Codella and Neal Swygart.

3. The Gradient in Logo Design

The logo design adds a depth and vibrant quality impact to a brand logo design. The design input a high-quality group of gradient eye-catching colors for viewers to behold and get attracted to the product. We have many gradient logo designs examples from Eashin Arafath, Oleg Coanda, and Ema Islam.

4. Vivid Colors in Logo Design

Another change that trends in the 2021 logo design uses colors that stand out from the crowd of old color standards. This creativity imputed a perfect transformation in combining vivid, bright, and bold into logo design. We have examples from Furoj Kabir, aim creative, and Lelevien.

5. Perspective Drawing in Logo Design

Logos designers are now using basic drawing techniques like linear perspective for shortening and curvature. They are now back to incorporate in perspective angles the illusion of depth without compromising the design. Examples are from Kinetec, Ian Douglas, and Chrisandee.

6. Simplistic Geometric in Logo Design

Logos are now designed from simple lines and shapes. The compliance to shape has given the designers the liberties of creating logos that Rea easy to parse and vibrant color simultaneously. We have examples from Casign, Dellfi, and Arkline.

7. Authentic Portraiture in Logo Design

In 2021, logos designers are now using a portrait that reflects different cultures, races, and new techniques to create a real and genuine illustration that allows people to connect with a brand. Examples are from Maneka, Archiwiz, and Tataki.

8. Modernized Symbol in Logo Design

Logos are now designed from iconic ancient symbols to reflect a unique symbolic expression associated with a striving new brand. Examples are from C1k and Yekoana.

9. Ink Style in Logo Design

Other new trends in logo designs are using ink to stylize the hand-drawn classy and head-turning signature of a brand logo. Examples are from Standpoint and Fanny Rakoto.

10. Overlapping Elements in Logo Design

Logo designers are now putting different elements on top of each other to convey a brand's reliable message.