After going through the stress of getting a Singapore name card printing for yourself, the next thing is to make good use of it. There's no point in spending that much to design and printing a name card if it will all end up on your table or somewhere in the house.

This singular piece focuses on how to make effective use of the name cards. This piece will focus on using it for two primary purposes: networking and enhancing more businesses. Kindly take your time to read through these ten tips;

1. Be a carrier of your name cards everywhere you go. Even if the place seems totally different from your business activities or you are there for something else. Anything can happen anywhere.

2. Be courageous to tell people what you do for every new person you meet. Have a ready-made pitch. At the end of the pitch, hand out your name card with a smile. Make this a usual practice.

3. Reach out to businesses with the service you render as a complement to their business. Do this in person and ensure you leave your name card with the contact person.

4. Send out proposals to businesses that need your services. This means you have done all your necessary research, and you are sure of what they need and how you come in. Make sure you put your name card in the proposal for easy contact. They may not carry the proposal all around, but they can take the name card everywhere.

5. Go to events in your industry and make sure you interact with others. Don't let events like conferences, workshops, seminars, etc., in your industry, pass you by. Interact and share your name card with other people you meet there. You may find industry partners to collaborate with.

6. Give your friends and family members your name cards. They can help you to network with people that may need your services. Imagine if five people help to network in a month. Do you know how much business you generate like that alone?

7. Make an electronic copy of your name card and share it with clients or customers. You can do this through their contact details you have.

8. Use the electronic copy on social media platforms to reach out to the world for easy contact.

9. Never run out of the name cards before printing another set. This is very crucial in order not to put yourself in a difficult situation.

10. In as much as the name cards are meant to be shared. It would help if you avoided wastage. Ensure it is sent to places that will yield brand influence or more businesses.

With these tips, you will be able to make the best use of the name cards to enhance your business. You will create genuine awareness and connect with appropriate people.

I believe you must have learned one or two things from this piece. Kindly share your opinions via the comment section. What do you think? Endeavor to share with family and friends.