Double-sided name cards aren't necessarily a bad thing! Your business cards will get double the publicity if they are printed on both sides. 

While double-sided printing has several advantages, can you use it on your business cards? It's not difficult to locate a digital printer that provides this service. However, just because you have the ability to do anything does not mean you should. Consider if your next set of business cards will be printed on one side or both sides before placing your order. 

Using a double sided business card could help your business gain recognition and profits, or it could be a waste of money if the user does not attach the card to your goods or services. 

Printing on both sides doubles the amount of space available. 

Double-sided printing will almost double the space available for graphics, text, and contact details on business cards, which are typically thin. This allows you to have all of the pertinent information about yourself and your company without using a cramped or crammed-together card. Your business card should contain important information that recipients should be aware of. 

The back of business cards is an excellent location for companies who take appointments to fill in the date and time details for the next appointment. Doctors' offices, beauty salons, coaches, lawyers, and other types of businesses can all benefit from cards that have areas on the back for handwriting next appointment details. 

  • 2-sided printing isn't always the best option. 
  • Printing both sides would be more expensive. 

When you order double-sided printing, the price of the order will go up, and since each digital printer has its own price list, the extra cost can vary greatly. For the order, you'll be inserting, get price quotes from many printers. Compare these quotes, ensuring that they all cover the same quantity and other information, and then choose the printing company that best meets your needs.