A name card printing is a small card given informal settings as well as social gatherings. It contains information about an individual, a group, or a company. Name cards are essential in the marketing and networking of products and services.

It usually contains an individual's name, contact details, the company name, if any, and logo. A website can also be included for convenience. Because of the adverse increase in social networking, social media handles such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are also included in Name cards.

Name cards have captivating designs that make the company or individual stand out in the competition (Marketing). They are marketing tools. It gives your client insight into what to expect.

Name cards are also extended to social gatherings. It gives the client a clearer picture of what the company has to offer.

Information such as name, business name printing, Job title, Business website, and email address are provided.

21 Things to Consider In Making a Good Name Card

  1. Go for a professional design, not cheap or roadside designs.
  2. Do choose readability over beautification; a simple font should do the magic.
  3. The font should be large enough for clients to read without straining their eyes.
  4. The layout should be 3.5 inches by 2 inches.
  5. Information provided at the back, if necessary, should be vital.
  6. Choose the right color schemes, keep your business in mind while selecting the color.
  7. Include various ways of contact, including social media handles and email addresses.
  8. Check for typographic errors. Name cards are to be error-free, and it is possible to obtain an error-free name card.
  9. Include a Photo if it reflects your company or business.
  10. Pay attention to alignment.
  11. Do keep it simple.
  12. Do keep some white space.
  13. Do match color tones.
  14. Limit your card font to one or two font types.
  15. Consider Contrast
  16. Consider balance
  17. Make your Name card straight to the point.
  18. Bleeds are essential for the extension of images.
  19. Be careful with borders.
  20. Uniformity in size and shape is advised.
  21. QR code is an extra spice. It directs you to a more descriptive page about the company.

20 Things to Avoid In Making a Good Name Card

  1. Do not use random visuals. It doesn't contribute to your business or you in any way.
  2. Do not use fonts like comic sons. You'll lose potential clients if you use an irritating font.
  3. Do not overcrowd information. It won't be easy to read.
  4. Do not crowd all the designs.
  5. Do not leave your house without your name card. A client can be gotten anywhere. You never know who needs your services.
  6. Do not give off your cards at the start of a conversation. It is okay to wait for a request before you do so.
  7. Do not use clip art for your logo? Your brand as to be unique.
  8. Do not use decorative fonts, except it is right for your business.
  9. Do not mix up font sizes.
  10. Please avoid the use of Light colors or a very dark background as it makes clarity difficult.
  11. Do not put the logo too close to the margin or edge.
  12. Do not use a nonstandardized shape.
  13. Do not use cheap paperwork. The thickness and present ability matter a lot.
  14. Do not overemphasize your company’s description.
  15. Do not use a lot of colors.
  16. Do not add a picture that has nothing to do with your company.
  17. Do not add unnecessary information to your Name Card.
  18. Do not make a large card. It should be able to fit perfectly into a T-shirt pocket.
  19. Do not forget to add your email address.
  20. Do not forget to attach a call to action to your Name card.


It is worth noting that your Name Card makes the first impression as an individual and your company.

If you are into automobile manufacturing, your name card can appear car-shaped or have a car in its logo, which already gives off a good lasting impression.