Email Marketing 

This is the traditional media that most people associate with online marketing. However, this method is outdated and doesn't give you the opportunity to connect with your customers. Emails can be a bit annoying, especially to those who are used to reading things on their feeds and stories. Therefore, it's important that you take some extra steps to ensure that your emails are presented in an attractive way. 

Video Marketing 

YouTube is the king of viral video, so businesses should definitely take advantage of this unique marketing method. If you've got something new to show your customers, then you need to post it on this popular site. Keep in mind that you should only upload high quality videos. Videos that are low quality or have no graphics are not going to help you get ranked well by search engines. This is a very effective online marketing method that can easily boost your traffic. 

Link Building 

This is one of the most powerful online search engine strategies for small businesses that utilize blogs and SEO techniques. When you link to sites, you're letting them know that you have something good to offer. The more links you have out there, the better chance you have of getting found in search engines. However, make sure that the links you use are only ones that are related to your business. Don't try to spam other sites when creating links.