Graphic design is all about creativity and dedication, which means designers may need all the inspiration they can have to create a masterpiece. They must let their imagination flow in order to create original and innovating trends each year, taking risks and keeping up with what is new. It looks like 2021 may bring back some classic and vintage elements. 

In case you needed some inspiration for your own work, these are some of the graphic design trends you should probably check out before you see them on poster printings, digital art or even on attractive sticker printing throughout the year. 

1. Classic Fonts 

This may not be an innovation because they are one of the oldest fonts ever, but classic serif fonts are making a comeback in graphic design. You may have seen them before online, but it never fails, and it is trustworthy. That may be the reason why many companies keep using it on their social media posts or digital art. Sometimes it is better to keep it simple. 

2. Geometrical-Shaped Designs  

Using geometrical patterns on your designs and mixing their colors is a great way to catch people’s eye. There is even a whole psychology behind it! For example, if you add triangles to your sketches, it may add the feeling of stability and energy to the whole sketch. Using different shapes and mixing them with other trends such as serif fonts or earthy tones could caught anybody’s attention right away. Play with asymmetry and different sizes too! 

3. Muted Colors 

The muted colors palette will probably take over 2021. It looks like bright colors have been left behind and now people are looking for more relaxed themes. These desaturated or dulled colors may be useful if you want people to pay attention to the message instead of the design itself. Combining them with a powerful font would probably create a great impact! 

4. Simpler Designs! 

Helping themselves with a very limited palette, designers may have to figure out how to draw the audience attention towards their designs with different elements. Monochrome sketches are very modern and sophisticated, which is great if you are looking for a calm and relaxed theme. Black and white or even sepia works perfectly fine on these designs. You can never go wrong using it! 

5. Get Inspired By Nature! 

Having nature as an inspiration, using earthy tones, natural light and textures mimicking nature is always a safe bet. The pandemic that hit 2020 might have been one of the reasons on why this pattern is used, but this has been used for a while now. This could be combined with muted colors such as green, brown or even blue!