2021 Marketing Trends to Consider in Singapore


Marketing has always been evolving, especially with the rise of technology and digitisation. Ever since social media have become popular, marketing also adopts a new way of reaching target audiences effectively. As a marketer, you have to always be ready to adapt to these changes and know the trends to be able to reach the goals of the brand and company.

In this article, you will see the emerging trends that are believed to be effective marketing methods in Singapore for 2021. Without further ado, let's get to it right away.


1. Artificial intelligence

Just a couple of years back, you probably had thought that the age of artificial intelligence is still going to be far away. But in reality, many marketing strategies have implemented this technology to achieve the success of a campaign. Artificial intelligence is deemed as the biggest commercial opportunity for many industries and companies in the upcoming years.


An example of simple AI is a chatbot with advanced features and recognition capabilities due to natural language processing (NLP). NLP is also very beneficial in SEO, thus already included in the algorithm.


2. Chatbot

As mentioned before, the chatbot has also become an important part of marketing in 2021. Chatbots help improves customer service and reduces the customer effort score. In the future, with AI, it is expected that chatbots can deliver even smarter responses that feel more human. With chatbots, you can respond to your customer easier, faster, and accurately.


3. Personalisation

Customers like to feel that the interaction between them and the brand is more personal and human. In 2021, personalised marketing is something that you should also consider. Personalised marketing can use various types of mediums, like social media, video, email, and more. This can grant better ROI and success compared to the non-personalised marketing campaign.


4. Video marketing

Did you know that when people are online, a lot of their activities involve watching videos on the internet? That is why video marketing's opportunity is something you definitely should not miss out on. Video marketing is predicted to still be the trend for the next 5 to 10 years, even. So it is definitely not too late to start now. With video, you can deliver intriguing content and drive people to your marketing funnel. Do not forget to implement SEO techniques to make your video more discoverable.


5. Influencer marketing

We have all seen this. Many brands out there now partner with influencers in social media to promote their products. Influencers do not always have to be celebrities. They can be people who have many followers and hold influence over them to a certain degree. Find an influencer that matches your budget with the right engagement that you need to partner up with.


6. Visual search

Visual search is one of the implementations of artificial intelligence technology that increases the ease of search on the internet. Through visual search, users can find information about your company, its campaign, and other relevant information. Surely this is the trend in marketing that you should also tap into and manage properly, especially because visual search usually directs people to the review of your business which can affect their perception of your products or services.


Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the best, most suitable marketing trend for your needs. Happy marketing!