Are you familiar with poster stands? If you have been promoting with banners or posters but haven't used it, then it is time that you do. 

A poster stand can be really helpful to display your posters or banners properly especially in indoor events. It is easy, lightweight, and definitely portable. Even if you only have yourself to rely on in these events, you don't have to worry because you will definitely be able to set it up on your own due to its simple mechanics. 

There are several different types or styles of poster stands, and not all of them can fit your needs or requirements. So, there is definitely a need to understand the plus and minus of each type or style of poster stand so that you can make the right decision as you buy your poster stand for marketing whether in trade shows, seminars, events, and other occasions and venues. 

1. X Style or Spring Back Poster Stand 

If you want a simple poster stand, then the X style or spring back poster stand is great for you. This type of poster stand is made of metal or plastic tubing. It is installed with springs for easy installation for fixed size graphic. Any graphic that you use for this type of poster stand will be attached at the four corners with simple grommets. This type of poster is easy, cost effective, and simple, which makes it ideal for most indoor events in general. 

2. Telescopic Poster Stand 

Telescopic poster stand is perfect if you want to make a greater impact on your target audience or customers by using large sized graphics. A telescopic stand enables you to display up to 120 inches of banner or poster. It comes with connectors to connect the display together, creating a large wall of graphic. The size of the graphic can also be adjusted quite freely and it supports both fabric and vinyl poster or banner material. The telescopic poster stand can be used both indoors and outdoors, so it is really convenient. 

3. Retractable Poster Stand 

The retractable poster stand is what people usually go for especially for indoor events. It is very convenient and easy to handle. But not only that, the retractable poster stand is also simple to set up due to its spring mechanism. With a retractable poster stand, you can display a small to medium sized graphics, ranging from 15 inches to 59 inches in height. The pole can be adjusted to the size of the poster or banner without much hassle that makes it very versatile. 

Poster or Banner Material 

The most commonly used types of material for banner or poster to be displayed by the poster stand are either fabric or vinyl. Fabric and vinyl both offer different feel and resistance. For instance, if you want to go for a shinier look, then choose vinyl material. But if you want a graphic that is wrinkle free and does not reflect light, then consider fabric material for your promotion,