Despite all the modern technological advances, name cards remain irreplaceable. It seems, though, that no amount of automation will take its place at some point in time. Yet, the design alone still speaks highly of a company. For this reason, many people feel that it is essential to design a good business card to improve company sales.

1. Add Social Links To Your Name Cards 

One way of improving company sales through the use of a good business card is to use social media to promote your company. In recent years, social media has become a huge advertising tool for businesses. Almost everyone owns a Facebook or Twitter account, and many use it to interact with their friends and family. Many companies have used social media as a way to market their company. One should use this opportunity by adding their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter links on their name cards. With so many people connected to these sites, it may not be hard to market your business. By creating profiles on popular social media sites and adding them to your name cards, you can use them as a means to promote your business. 

2. Add a Photograph or Design 

Your name cards should also make a good impression on your prospective customers. Many business people prefer to use name cards with photographs instead of those with no picture or logo design. The reason why photographs are more preferred is that it creates a more personal appearance for your card. By including your most recent photo, potential customers can have an idea of your personality and how you deal with your clients.