3. Minimalist Design 

An effective name card printing is one with a minimal but attractive design layout. Clients and customers may be overwhelmed if your name card has too much design cramped into it. Put in only the details that matters, like your company name, one social link, email and a phone number. Though a design with various colour combination may look attractive, a minimalist approach looks professional. The end goal of your name card is to reflect your business in the best way possible and attract potential clients. With the right name card marketing, you can even attract people that were previously not interested in your business. 

However, there are still other reasons you shouldn't be afraid to use name cards as marketing tools. For example, you can use name cards to keep in touch with past clients. You can also include contact information to encourage people who are not a part of your target market to purchase your products. Lastly, you can also use name cards to provide your employees with a way to get in touch with the outside world. By distributing your name cards among your employees, you are giving them a way to advertise for your company and create a better working environment for everyone.