#2 Answer Customers' Questions Online 

It is especially important now to provide answers to the most common questions. There is no point in turning a blind eye to what is happening.  

A strong brand must show attitude, take responsibility and educate. Especially internally, the employees are to be picked up.  

It must be transparently informed about what will happen to the employees, whether there will be salary cuts and what the company's timetable looks like. Then it has to be communicated publicly: If the product and service like a good poster printing or banner continue to be available, there are innovative ways in which orders and consumption can continue.  

A brand that pursues a clear mission and constantly adapts it to current trends and the zeitgeist is a trusted brand. At the same time, it becomes and remains relevant.  

Companies like Nokia have not survived changes in society (digitization) in the past because they stuck to old instances and mechanisms. A crisis always means a turnaround. The direction of travel changes and often results in an innovation boost.  

Whoever turns the tide and is ready to break new ground will emerge as a winner. It is important to adapt and adapt to the situation repeatedly and make proactive changes.  

This can also include image campaigns on new networks, such as BMW broadcast its awareness campaign on the TikTok platform last year. It makes sense to invest in the future when only a few others are doing it. 

#3 Maintain and Expand the User Experience 

Many long for variety and adventure because curfews and restrictions affect their own four walls. For example, if a company cannot offer trips due to the current situation, innovative packaging, a small gift, or a short message can also trigger the customer emotionally.  

When a product portfolio is expanded, a discount code can make sense to ensure the first order. Don't forget to be drowned in the heavy content overhang, which must be high on the agenda for companies. Companies should approach potential and existing customers directly.