The easel stand is a very important tool for all artists from beginners to professionals. Yes, it is not mandatory. But easel stand brings a lot of advantages to the working process of artists. It can give extra comfort, boost motivation, and enable painters to observe their work progress easier. 

If you haven't gotten one for your own self, then it is definitely the time for you. But wait, before you make your purchase, make sure that you clearly know which type of easel stand that matches you the best. 

1. H Frame Easel 

Since an easel stand is a long term investment, it is good to consider H frame easel because it is one of the durable easel stands that you can get. It is strong, sturdy, and best suited for vigorous artists that allow minimum arm restrictions during working. However, if you are getting this type of easel stand, you surely need a spacious workplace because you can't easily fold and store it due to its heavy frame. When you're done working, the H frame easel can only be left alone. Another great thing about this easel stand is that it can handle quite large sized canvases that might not be able to be handled by other types of easel stands. 

2. Lyre Easel 

If the H frame easel is too heavy or too big for you, then try the Lyre easel stand or A frame easel stand. This type of easel can still hold quite large sized canvases but it is lighter so that it can be easily folded and stored as well as transported to places you want. The lyre easel is good for artists who occasionally enjoy working outdoors or ones with limited working space since it can be stored away. The downside of this easel stand is that it is not as sturdy as the H frame easel. However, of course, it can still provide comfort to the artists as long as the size of the canvas used with this easel stand is suitable and not too big. 

3. Giant Easel Stand 

Is the H frame easel stand not big enough for you? Don't worry, there's still a bigger easel stand which is the giant easel stand. If you are working with canvases larger than 96 inches, then you definitely need this one. The giant easel stand is made from extra strong material that can surely support giant paintings and provide the utmost comfort for the artists. One thing that you should take note of is that it is definitely costly and hard to handle. But of course, it is worth the price especially if you really do need it for working on your large paintings. 

There are more types of easel stands that you can buy, but these three are some of the most common ones that artists use. Explore as many types of easel stands that you can find and understand their advantages and disadvantages. If necessary, ask the shop owner so that you can decide better for your purchase.