Marketing is something that you can't forget. Every once in a while, you have to remember to plan out a marketing campaign so that your brand and company can stay relevant in the market.

Surely, everyone knows that marketing often doesn't cost a little. In fact, it can really make you reach really deep into your pockets. But don't worry, of course, there are always cheaper alternatives that you can go for that are perfect especially if you want to save up money for other important aspects of your business.

One of the ways you can market your product is a low-cost way and subtly is by using stickers. Sure, it does not seem all that convincing since it's small and definitely not grand. But stickers are really great and they can be effective if you know how to design them properly and distribute them in the right way as well.

For now, here are the tips that you can take note of for designing an attractive sticker for marketing purposes.

1. Design and Layout

Since a sticker can't be too big, you only have very limited space for everything. For marketing, you have to be able to fit everything that you need to convey in one sticker side but at the same time, it can't look stuffed. There needs to be a good layout that arranges everything so that all elements in the design of your sticker can still appear nice and neat. The most important thing to remember is that you have to make sure that everything has enough space and distance between each other to avoid making it looks cluttered.

If designing on your own from scratch is too difficult, then you can always find a sticker template on the internet that is freely customizable to make your work easier. Of course, if this is too much of a hassle for you as well, then you can consider getting a graphic designer to help you make a great sticker design.

2. Colors

Of course, a sticker will be able to appear more attractive if printed in full colors. But you can't just choose any colors and splash them onto the design of your name card. All colors need to work well with each other to create one good look. If you already have a theme that you want to go for with your sticker, that's even better because you can choose colors according to it or the company brand that it is representing.

3. Check Errors

Once you are done with the design of your stickers, you have to check for any errors and make sure that everything is perfect before the design is handed over to a printing shop for the sticker printing process. The appearance of your sticker is important, but that is not everything. You also have to make sure that the resolution is high enough for high-quality printing with the right color processing option so that you will get accurate colors upon printing.