Wallpapers have become characteristic elements of the digital age and fulfill a very similar function to those of their physical counterparts: to create environments with purposes. 

As with the rest of the things that we can find on the Internet, wallpapers must also adapt to the trends of the time and, to do so, they must be creative, modern and often fun. 

The conventional ones tend to seem the safest but there are risks that are worth taking. For that reason, we show you 3 innovative things you can do when designing digital wallpapers. 

1. Add Trendy Elements 

As we mentioned, it is extremely important to follow trends when it comes to design. A trending wallpaper can make the overall look of a website or brand custom feel new, fresh and contemporary. 

That's why we recommend you opt for wallpapers that follow some of the most important design trends. You can add geometric shapes, immersive 3D elements, dark mode, bright and luminous color schemes, or just use the Pantone color of the year. 

But remember that your wallpaper must be consistent with your website or your brand. If you want to use a modern wallpaper instead of a timeless option, you may need to update it in the future. 

2. Use Animations 

Using an animated wallpaper is not only innovative but clever! Besides, it elevates you to a much higher level of professionalism and is an excellent option to spice up your overall site design! 

You can use animations on your wallpaper in any way you like. You just have to make sure that the animation is subtle to avoid distracting users from the main image or the message you want to convey. You also have to ensure that it does not dominate the foreground of the look you have designed. 

The animations are very energetic and vivid. Therefore, using a subtle color palette on your wallpaper is an excellent idea if you plan to include animated elements. 

3. Make it Mobile Friendly 

The last few years have been very important for technology. The arrival of mobile devices also transformed graphic design, and this includes wallpapers. Now, people are not only looking for desktop wallpapers for their computers but also try to find versions adapted to mobile phones or tablets. 

Actually, most of the online content circulates through mobile devices. For that reason, you should make sure that the image you choose can fit well on small screens. 

For example, you can use large fonts if your wallpaper has text. In the case of images, you can opt for the standard-size verticals since the wide horizontals do not work on handheld devices. 

Final Thoughts. 

Do you need an amazing wallpaper but think that designing it on your own is very complicated? Do not worry! Fortunately, there are specialist designers on the subject who can help you. 

If wallpapers are essential tools for the growth of your brand or business, the best option is to hire an agency or expert that can ensure quality results tailored to your objectives. Don't hesitate to ask for help! 

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