Don't underestimate the effectiveness of a sticker especially if you are considering a cheap alternative for marketing. Even though it is small, a sticker can really help you out with marketing especially if you are using it with other marketing tools such as brochures or flyers.

In order to get stickers for marketing purposes, you have to custom order them. Of course, before you make an order for the sticker, you have to make the design for it first.

So that you will get a good design, here are some important sticker designing and also printing tips:

1. Match the Color Processing

There are two color processes that are most famous when it comes to printing, which are CMYK color processing and RGB.

CMYK color processing uses four primary colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black that will be mixed to create the desired color according to the design made in the computer. Printers usually use these four primary colors. Meanwhile, RGB is the color that you see on your computer monitor as you design and usually the default used by design software. The thing is, if you design in RGB colors and print in CMYK colors, there's a high chance that you will get colors that are not accurate. So, to avoid this, you have to make sure that you design in CMYK colors and print in the same color processing as well. In design software, the setting can be easily changed from the beginning. Or you can also convert the RGB colors to CMYK before printing.

A simple tip for sticker designing is that it is better to break up large solid-color areas because it will be difficult to be printed well using the CMYK color processing. If you want to get a great result, you can choose to print your stickers using Pantone color processing, however, this is far more expensive than CMYK color processing. Often, it is not very affordable especially if chosen as the main color processing for printing all the stickers that you want to make.

2. Permanence

You have to watch out regarding the sticker permanence when you are printing your stickers. Know that not all inks can be used on all paper stocks. You have to know what kind of ink works on what types of paper so that you can always make the right decisions.

Different papers and inks also have different durability. For example, some are more durable for indoor uses, but some can also withstand outdoor conditions.

3. Finishes

If you want to make your sticker look more interesting, then why not choose one or two printing finishes?

You can at the very least add coating for your sticker so that you can make it shine. This will help in making your sticker look more attractive. But that is not all. A coated sticker will also be able to be more durable and last longer because it will be more resistant to several different possible damages that might happen to stickers such as moisture, tearing, and more.