Indeed, a poster stand has a size that is difficult to miss and this makes it one of the most effective traditional marketing tools that a marketer can get. 

However, it is also important to max out its potential by designing it the best way you can. 

If it is the first time designing a banner stand for you, then you should follow these tips we've gathered for you. 

1. Banner Flow 

When designing a graphic for a banner stand, it is critical to think from the perspective of your readers or audience. 

You have to make sure that the banner that you are designing is comfortable to read. 

One of the ways that you can do to ensure this is by remembering about the eye flow that applies to most people. 

In most countries, people read from left to right, and of course, starting from the top to the bottom. 

So, as you arrange the contents of your banner, everything needs to follow this flow as well to ensure the comfort of reading. 

If it is messy, it will only confuse everyone who reads your poster stand and they won't get the key information that you should be delivering to them. 

Remember that successful marketing means effective message delivery to the target audience. So, this thing might sound simple, but it actually is critical in determining the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

2. Use Colors 

Your banner stand should be colorful. Of course, you can't just splash any color into the design of your graphic. Not only that the color choice must be attractive by preferably using bright and vivid colors, but they also have to work well together and complement each other instead of clashing with one another. 

Also, the colors that you choose for your design must be able to represent your brand well. 

So, if you already have a brand color, then you must definitely include that in the design of your banner stand for marketing so that people will be able to recognize you better and remember you easier after seeing your banner stand. 

3. Insert Images 

Spice up your design by including some images or graphics into the design. This will make it look more attractive and intriguing. A banner stand that has images in it rather than just texts has a better chance of getting noticed. 

But in using an image, you have to pay attention to the resolution. 

For high-quality poster stand printing, you have to also use high-quality images that has a resolution of at least 300 dpi for a decent result. Lesser than that, you will only get a pixelated and stretched result that won't appear good. 

These three things might sound simple, but a lot of people make mistake by not remembering about them. So, if you don't want to repeat their mistake and end up making a poster stand that does not work effectively on your target market, you better take note of them and apply these tips in your designing process.