Postcard for marketing? Why not. It is old school, yes, you can say that. But it is still quite effective even in this digital era. A postcard can be used for advertising, providing market reports, or simply get in touch with your customer and clients. As long as direct mailing is still operational, you can use postcard marketing to increase the profit of your business. 

If you are convinced enough, that's great. 

Now, before you start post card printing, it's better to know what kind of postcards that you can make for your marketing efforts. 

1. Regular Postcard 

The regular postcard is the one that is most popular among marketers because it is small and compact. The size of a regular type postcard is usually 4.25 inches x 5.6 inches, which is ideal for mailing. It doesn't take any special type of printing. You can even make this with the common inkjet printer. So, it is very efficient and affordable. Since the regular sized postcard is small, it doesn't require any extra charges. If you want to maximize it s potential, you have to make sure that you insert an intriguing call to action sentence with a minimalistic design and well-arranged layout to make it look neat. 

What's most important about this postcard is the ability to write a concise yet strong copy to make it effective with its small size. 

2. Extra Large Postcard 

The extra large postcard is also referred as a jumbo postcard. As the name goes, it is bigger than the regular postcard. The size of the extra large postcard is 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches. Since it is significantly bigger, you can fit more things into the design. However, don't worry. With this size, you can still send it through the mail without any problems. 

With an extra large postcard, you can include larger high quality images, insert multiple contact information, use vibrant colors, and other embellishments to make it look more attractive. The extra large postcard is still affordable while at the same time with less restriction regarding the size. 

3. Block Postcard 

If the extra large postcard is not big enough for you, you can choose the block postcard with a size of 6.125 inches x 8.25 inches. 

It is slightly bigger than the extra large postcard which makes it more spacious. 

With this size of postcard, you can use multiple large photos, insert more information and wordings, as well as a more noticeable company logo. You can do a lot with this type of postcard. The backside of the block postcard can be open for contact information or any extra thing that you need to convey to your clients or customers. Don't forget a strong call to action sentence with this postcard to make sure that your marketing effort will be more effective on your target customers. 

The best choice of post card printing size depends on your needs and budgets, so make sure that you consider thoroughly before coming to a conclusion and print your postcards.