As an entrepreneur or a businessman, you have to understand the importance of a name card and not dismiss it regardless of how technology has advanced these past few years. Yes, you can exchange contact information digitally. But you can't forget about name card printing entirely.

You still need it because it is the proper way of networking especially in the formal business world. Now, what you have to do is get ready to design a great name card with these tips and have your name card printed immediately. 

1. Focus on Your Strong Points 

Aside from your contact information, your name card should be able to let people know how good your business or company is. It is a tool that represents you and your company, so it should be able to effectively convey your strong points. Of course, you can't do this by stuffing in words into your small name card. Instead, you can do this with the design and a little bit of company slogan in the end.

How to do it? Well, for example, if you are working in a dynamic company with laid back company culture, you can portray it in the design of your name card by choosing vibrant colors. Include your company logo, color scheme, and typography into your design. You can also add a slogan of your company that best represents what your company is all about. This way, people can easily perceive what message your company has and a general idea of what kind of company you are in. 

2. Shape and Size 

You can also convey more about your company with the shape and size of your name card. These days, more and more people print uniquely shaped name cards that can represent their company. Of course, not all businesses or industries that are available out there can do this. But if you are thinking of doing it, you definitely can. With die-cutting, you can cut out your name card into impressive shapes and make unique patterns of your name card. These can reflect your company characteristics and more in a subtle and interesting way. 

3. Design in CMYK 

A lot of people don't know how crucial it is to design a attractive name card printing in CMYK colors. It is mostly because the default for design software is RGB colors. These two color processing use different primary colors to produce more colors in the palette, so the result might slightly come out differently if you design in RGB and print in CMYK. To achieve an accurate color reproduction, make sure to change the color settings to CMYK from RGB before you actually start designing your own name card.

But if you forget to do it from the start, don't worry. You can still convert the colors to CMYK mid-work or at the end of it. Just make sure that before your name card goes for the printing process, the colors are already in CMYK instead of RGB for best color reproduction.