3 Tips for Outstanding Sticker Design


Are you going to make stickers? Stickers may be used for a variety of purposes in addition to personal ones. You can sell stickers to make more money, or you can use them as a low-cost advertisement option for new companies.


Regardless of what you plan to do with the stickers you are planning to make, make sure the design looks pleasing enough that you can grab people's interest and convince them to purchase or read the details you are trying to communicate. Here are a few design tips for stickers that stand out.


1. Sticker Layout

If you want your sticker to look tidy, organize the components into a nice arrangement that is both creative and not overcrowded.


If this is your first time designing, you might want to start with a pre-made template that you can modify to your liking. Your sticker style would be less special if you use models like this, unfortunately. But still, you can save up a lot of time and effort by doing this.


If you want a sticker that is unlike any other and has a beautiful style, you should try making it from scratch. However, if you find anything too complicated, you can hire a graphic artist.


2. Use Die-Cutting

Many people choose to die-cut their stickers to make more detailed and special designs rather than the more traditional circular, rectangular, and other shapes. You can make any sort of sticker with die-cutting.


The outline of the sticker, no matter how rare it is, can be designed to suit the style of your stickers. However, you must ensure that the shape you choose conveys the right image about your brand so that your target consumers can more easily identify it with your business.


3. Choose the Relevant Colours

You must be able to choose the appropriate colours for the stickers in order to make them more appealing.


Colours that are brighter and more vivid are typically more enticing than those that are dark. Colourful stickers stand out in a crowd and are easy to recognize. However, if you want to use dark colours to design your stickers, of course, you still can, particularly if darker colours better reflect your brand than lighter ones.


You should remember to match the colour combination you choose with the colour combination used by the printer, in addition to selecting the correct colours RGB colours, which use three main colours of red, blue, and green, are typically the norm for design applications. Most printers, on the other hand, use CMYK, which has four main colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.


You will not be able to get an accurate result if the colour processing in the design and the printer are not in sync. Since the template and the printer use different colour processing or mixes, the colours you see on the computer on your design will not be properly converted by the printer. Always verify that the colours in your sticker template are in CMYK before submitting it to a printing service.