Yes, technology does shift the trend in marketing from traditional to digital. A lot of people prefer digital marketing better. But you can't dismiss the importance of traditional marketing just yet.

Possibly, traditional marketing can be unique and catch the attention of your target audience better in some cases.

If you are interested in traditional marketing and wish to try out a cost effective alternative, then why don't you try postcard printing? 

It is simple, cheap, and quick to make. 

What's important about using a postcard for marketing is making sure that you make a design that is appealing and works effectively on your target audience. 

So, here are the tips that you can try out for postcard design. 

1. Use High Quality Pictures 

High quality pictures can make a great difference for your postcard design. Inserting pictures, images, or photographs can really make it look a lot more attractive than a plain looking postcard. If you want a high quality postcard printing result, you must make sure that you use high quality pictures as well to avoid it getting pixelated or stretched upon printing. The quality of the picture or photograph that you use for your postcard should be at least 300 dpi, which is the best compatibility for high quality printing. Of course, the better quality your picture is, the better it is for high quality printing. With this, you won't get a disappointing look. 

2. Plan Out the Content to Make it Engaging 

Other than the visual, the content of your postcard is also critical in determining its effectiveness. The key message needs to be delivered effectively to your target audience and convince them enough to take action depending on your call to action sentence. 

A postcard doesn't have too much space. Even if you print a larger sized postcard, it doesn't mean that you have more space. Instead, you just have to design and print bigger. 

This makes prioritizing the information that needs to be included on the postcard very important. You have to know which one must be included and what does not to avoid overstuffing the design of your postcard. 

The content of your postcard needs to be concise and easy to understand. That's why, if you need a copywriter to make the content of your postcard, then get one to work with you to get an effective postcard. 

3. Print on Both Sides 

Why not max out the potential of a postcard by printing on both sides? Don't use only one and leave the other blank. You can put up the high-quality image along with a strong call to action on the backside or add an intriguing headline on the front so that people won't be able to resist flipping the postcard to know what is your promotion all about. 

After making sure that the design of your postcard looks amazing, then the thing that you have to do next is to make sure that you choose an experienced printing service to get you the best quality postcard printing for marketing.