You already have a website but you are not satisfied with its overall design? Or maybe you are planning to create your website but you feel lost on how to design it?  

You don’t have the means to hire a professional web designer? No worries, we will in this article provide you with some key tips on how you can design a very attractive and appealing website. 

Tip #1: Simplify Colors  

We don’t mess with colors. Often, the color palettes we are offered on 4 or 5 colors. It’s hard enough to harmonize and judiciously use so many colors in a professional website, and I know very well what an amateur can do with so many colors: not a website, but a real work of abstract art.  

The first key step towards an attractive website that will eventually get constantly growing engagement rates is to have a simple design language or if you already have a website, start by simplifying it. Use only white, black (not total black, but a little lighter), and a bright color that you will use sparingly.  

Tip #2: Work on Photos  

Pictures are often what separates a professional website from an amateurish one. Beautiful photos, that hold a meaning and have a certain artistic edge to them, can make all the difference.  

As such, it is recommended that you start by investing in photography. This can either be achieved by honing your photography skills, or by hiring a professional photographer.