Brochure is a pivotal part of every graphic design agency. Although they are a bit traditional, they are still used by companies to spread out information regarding a product, service, or the company itself. Hence, agencies should always try their best to create the best brochure for their clients.  

In this article, we will talk about brochures and the different types of brochures out there. 

What is a brochure? 

Brochure is a piece of paper that contains information regarding something. Close enough, but Wikipedia’s definition regarding brochure is not the definition used in the graphic design world. 

For the graphic design world, brochure is a part of marketing strategy that sells the information of a product, service, or the company itself.  

The importance of brochure 

Brochure is important as it aims to attract an audience. Thus, there are important elements of brochure that should be taken into consideration. They are: 


The information provided on the brochure should only be necessary information for the product/service/company. No more, no less. Having lots of extra information will give a cluttered information, which might look bothersome for many people. 


The design of the brochure should be able to attract attention. However, the graphic design agency should create a design that perfectly synchronizes with the information and font without clashing with them. 


Yes, the type of fold used actually matters. After all, Fold is the way you would divide the information. When you decide the type of fold that will be used, make sure you leave some empty room to make the brochure look less cluttered. 

Types of brochure 

There are different types of brochure according to its usage. Here are some types of brochure every graphic design agency should know. 

Sales brochure 

Sales brochure is the most common brochure that is used by companies. You would find them often at the front near the cashier. Sometimes the cashier would also randomly put a brochure inside your grocery. 

Sales brochures mostly contain information regarding a product and how much it’s being sold at the place stated on the brochure. Sales brochure mostly contains the product’s name, the image of the product, and its price. There tends to be lots of white space in the sales brochure, usually surrounding the product.  

Company brochure 

Company brochure promotes the company. Hence, you would see more information than a sales brochure. The information you would see in a company brochure is the company’s products/service, the reasons why the audience should use the company, the people working there, the vision and mission of the company, and many more. 

Since company brochures promote the company, it is common to use formal business layout for them. 

The biggest challenge for a company brochure is putting all the information above without making it look messy or cluttered. The solution for this problem is to place the information on different sides to leave some empty space between them. 

Tourism brochure 

Tourism brochure emphasizes showing off the destination, so there are lots of pictures used for this brochure. The information used is mostly basic information regarding the tourist spot that would attract the audience. 

Which brochure do you specialize in? Is it included in the list above, or is it another kind of brochure?