A book cover is an unexplored genre within graphic design that tends to be overlooked. Little do people know that book cover is as important as other marketing tools (such as websites) that can also contribute to a book’s sale.

Seeing the importance of book cover, every graphic design agency needs to know the types of book cover out there. In this article, we will provide a summary of the 3 types of book cover every graphic agency should know.

Book cover and graphic design

Graphic design and book cover are intertwined with each other, as editors tend to give the job of book cover design to graphic design agencies. The agencies should give their all to the book cover design, as the cover is one of the first things the audience will look at when they see the book. Hence, book cover plays a big part in book sales, which is why publishers are willing to spend extra money on the cover.

A book cover is important when it comes to publishing books, so graphic designers need to know what kind of cover would suit the story best.

Types of a book cover

Many kinds of book covers can be used as examples, but three are three foundations to the said covers. There are three basic types of the book cover:


The illustration is one of the most commonly-used book covers that is used by publishers. Many people, both the audience and the authors themselves, love having illustrations as their book cover, not without reason.

The first reason is because of the distinctive feature illustrated book covers have. Many illustrated book covers have different kinds of art, making each book look unique and stylish. Moreover, we can also guess the genre of the book based on the illustration at the front of the book.

For example, a Harry Potter book which is a fantasy book will have a different illustration from a mystery or horror book. Harry Potter's illustration will create a mysterious art that will look appealing to young teenagers to young adults. Meanwhile, mystery or horror books will have a more eerie ambiance that will give us a hint of the book's genre.

A disadvantage of having illustrations as the book cover is Time & Expense. An Illustration is a book cover that tends to be more expensive because it takes time. Because it takes time, the editors and the publisher will need to be more patient when it comes to having the final look at the cover.


Biography book covers are usually used for biography and memoir. It is less time-consuming than illustration, but it is as expensive or even more expensive than illustration. However, if you are a famous public figure and you attach your photo as the cover of the book, there is a big chance that many people will be more interested in the book. After all, famous public figures portrayed add more value to the book.

Combination of stock photo

Another option is to combine all kinds of stock photos to create a clear and concise cover that can summarize the book's genre. It's not access specified as the other two covers, and you can create a beautiful cover that can rival both off the cover Mentioned above. However, it still takes some time to create the perfect cover made of stock photos so every designer should take their time patiently.

Out of all the three covers, which one does your graphic design agency has worked on the most?