Sticker is a piece of material with pressure adhesive on its side and it usually contains texts or graphics on the other side. Sticker can be used for many purposes, such as product labelling, personal branding, and marketing tool. It is a great marketing tool for business, particularly for small business enterprises. They are great for your product and services campaign and also an effective way to increase your brand awareness. 

There are several types of materials you can use for your sticker. In this article, we are going to explain 3 types of sticker materials for your consideration. 

1. Industrial Vinyl Sticker 

Industrial vinyl sticker is made of plastic. It is considered as the highest quality material for sticker in the market. Stickers made out of this material are durable, weather resistant (hot and cold resistant, it is fridge and freeze safe), water resistant (dishwasher safe), and chemical resistant. Because of these qualities, industrial vinyl is a suitable material for outdoor stickers. High quality industrial vinyl can resist UV radiation for 9-11 years. Not only that, industrial vinyl has incredible flexibility therefore it is less likely to tear or break when put under stress. It makes it perfect to be put on curved surfaces and other surfaces. But since it is the highest quality material for sticker in the market, this type of material is costly. It is best used for bumper stickers, window stickers, sport equipment, marketing material, and many more. 

Based on its adhesive and coating, there are several types of industrial vinyl sticker such as white glossy removable vinyl, white matte removable vinyl, white glossy permanent vinyl, and clear removable vinyl. 

2. Polyester Stickers 

Much like industrial vinyl, polyester is also a highly durable synthetic material. It can withstand abrasive conditions with a long-lasting adhesive. This material is also resistant to solvent. Because of these qualities and its durability, polyester is suitable for outdoor applications. It is one of the best options for industrial uses. But it is also great for indoor application. 

3. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Stickers 

As the name suggests, BOPP stickers are made out of polypropylene. Polypropylene is considered as the best replacement for vinyl material because of its great resistance to moisture and solvent and it is less expensive even though it’s thinner. This material is more affordable than polyester material but it has better clarity. It is also fridge and freezer safe, meaning it will not break apart when it is put in fridge. It works for outdoor surfaces but its edges tend to curl faster over time. Thus, this material is best for indoor application. It is ideal for food and beverage products, oil and chemical products, beauty products, industrial machinery, waste bins, and permanent indoor use. 

Based on its adhesive and coating, several types of BOPP sticker include white removable BOPP, white permanent BOPP, clear BOPP, and many others. 

Those are 3 types of sticker material that you can use for your sticker. Remember to choose the right material based on your needs and sticker purposes before you print your sticker at a sticker printing service such as Singapore sticker printing.