If you are attending a trade show or other indoor events as a brand with an intention for marketing, then you need the perfect marketing tool for the occasion. 

One of the most commonly used marketing tools for an indoor event is a poster stand. 

With a poster stand, you can gain more attention without working yourself out distributing flyers or banners. 

Let's learn about the types of poster stands to start off with. 

1. Scrolling Poster Stand 

The scrolling poster stand is the type of poster stand that you can choose if you want to maximize your advertising space with a lean pole. It does not take up a lot of space because it allows you to display a lot of information by rolling the paper using a simple motor so that the graphic such as a poster or banner can move in a rotational direction. 

You won't have to worry about the amount of information you display on your poster stand with this type because you will be able to deliver them all. 

Not only that it can allow you to display more information, it is quite a lot interesting to watch the information unfold as the graphic moves as well, and this can truly attract people as they pass by. 

2. Trade Show Poster Stand 

The poster specifically made for poster stand is important to choose if that is the event that you are going for. A trade show tends to be cramped and crowded, so you don't have a lot of space for a large poster stand to try to stand out. A double-sided poster stand is also not a very good alternative for this type of event. So, with a trade show poster stand, you can market in a simple way using a simple design that is perfect for cramped spaces. A trade show poster stands come with a mechanic that makes it very easy to set up and remove whenever and wherever you want it to be.  

3. Retractable Poster Stand 

One of the most popular types of poster stand is the retractable poster stand. 

The retractable poster stand is very compact and lightweight, so it is best for indoor uses instead of outdoors. However, if you really need to use it outdoors, you can try to find a retractable poster stand that is more durable and sturdier so that it can withstand outdoor conditions better. 

This type of poster stand, regardless, is easy to transport and set up, so even with limited hands to help you out with it, you will be absolutely fine. 

Those aforementioned types of poster stands are the best ones for indoor promotions. You can choose from fabric or vinyl type of graphic material to print for the use of the three poster stands and it is completely up to your own preferences regarding which to choose for the event. In general, any type of poster material is good for the use of poster stands, however, they may vary in durability.