Graphic design agencies involve all kinds of services, ranging from web design to branding. Business cards, which usually fall underprint design, is no exception. It takes a lot of work for a designer to create the perfect business card for its client. For those who are in need of inspiration, we are here to present some ideas that can help you to give the inspiration your graphic design agency needs to pull the right business card for your clients.

What is Print Design?

The first thing that should be noted is the difference between print design and printing. Printing is not print design, as printing is just the process of printing something digital into something physical.

Print design is the process of creating a digital format of work, and the digital format is the said work that is requested by clients. Print design is important because, without print design, nothing can be presented to the client.

There are different types of print design. They are:

  • Brochure or flier - they are the items used to give information regarding a business. They are mostly given by those that are tasked to hand them out (usually in malls or on the street).
  • Book cover - As the name stated, they are the cover at the front of a book. They are the first thing that will catch the audience’s eyes when purchasing a book.
  • Business cards - business cards are cards employees would hand out to clients or employees from other companies.

What is the Ideal Business Card?

It is hard to create the perfect business card, but it is possible for graphic design agencies to create a satisfying business card for their clients. Here are the elements graphic designers need to pay attention to when creating a business card:


The font should be something that can be used to interpret the company’s ambiance. Is the company a formal company? Then go with the traditional and conservative font. If the company is so-called fun and creative, then you may have some freedom on creating a font with a hint of creativity.

Background Color

The safest background color is white, but you can experiment with other colors or combine white with other colors. Just as the font, the background should be able to help us interpret the image of the company.


Only put necessary information. Putting too much information will make it seem as if you are cramming lots of things into one, which is unnecessary.

Business Card Inspirations

Here are some business card inspirations graphic design agencies can use.

1. Playful in Bright

Do you want to look bold and unique but also simple? You can combine bright colors with white to create such ambiance. It is not only unique but also bold, refreshing, and makes the company stand out.

2. Simple but Bold

If you would like a more conservative route that is a bit bold, you can opt for combining neutral colors such as black or brown with another contrasting color. It’s safe, but it’s also creative.

3. Focusing on Texture and Pattern

If you have the necessary resource, you can experiment using patterns or textures on the business card. It’s unique, creative, and looks satisfying for some people.

Are you going to use the ideas mentioned above, or do you have other ideas?