Many people certainly know that starting a business is not that easy, or maybe it can be said to be "challenging". There are immense things to prepare, understand, and learn. For instances, new entrepreneurs must understand the state regulation about starting a business, registering their business, finding a place for the office, or doing market research to identify competitors. All of these examples are the major things in starting a start-up business. What about the minor?  


One of the tons minor or little things that must be prepared in starting a business is a company stamp!  

Most of you must be familiar with stamp marks on various documents, right? Regularly, you will see a few information on the stamp such as the name of the company, registration number, or even the logo.  

But what makes it one of the must-have small items when starting a business? Why should start-ups consider using it? 


To find out the answer, you can refer to a few points below! 


1. Start-ups Need a Company Stamp to Authorize Documents 

In running a business, you will issue various types of documents. For some documents, a signature is not enough to make the documents look like it was officially issued by your business. Because of that, it is necessary to have a company stamp affixed to the document.  With a company stamp, the document will look more convincing and authentic because this stamp can be a sign of official business approval. That is why new entrepreneurs should consider having their own stamp!  


2. The Printed Document Will Always Exist 

In today's digital age, we know that technology is changing the way we create documents. Years back, all kinds of documents were made by printing. But now, the use of paper is decreasing because people make documents in digital format. So, what does it mean that printed documents will soon become extinct?  


There is no accurate answer to that question. But there will always be important documents that still have to be made in printed form. So, that is why a manual company stamp is always needed in running a business!  


3. Easy to Use! 

Compared with digital stamps, manual stamps are easier to use! Do you agree with that? To affix the stamp digitally, you will need a computer, laptop, or other media that can be used for that. Also, someone who puts the stamp must know about operating a computer or laptop. However, manual stamps can be affixed without using a computer, so basically everyone can affix the stamp more easily! Moreover, it will only take a very short time to manually stamp the document.  


4. Affordable 

So, the last reason why you should consider using a company stamp because it is super affordable! Since a company stamp can be used for a long period of time and created hundreds or even thousands of impressions, we can say that it is affordable! Besides, company stamps are easy to buy and order! You can find stamp makers maybe around your location or on the internet such as at the company stamp in Singapore to get the best quality stamps at an affordable price!