What do you do with your phone? Reply to emails, text with your friends on Messenger or WhatsApp, scroll through Instagram and Twitter, or maybe watch some YouTube videos? 

Actually, there are lots of things we can do on our phone. But what do you think if we use it to increase our productivity?  

If you are interested enough in increasing your daily productivity by using your smartphone, here are some productivity apps you can install and use! 

1. Forest 

Do you often feel distracted with your phone and have a screen time problem? Those are the signs that you need to consider installing and using Forest on your phone! This app helps you change your tech habit and reduce your screen time. But how does it work? When you want to focus more, you can plant a virtual tree and set a timer. During that time, you will see that your virtual tree will grow bigger and bigger. But if you cannot resist using your phone and leave the app before the time stops, then your virtual tree will die. This app, Forest, is available for Android and Apple devices.  

2. Todoist 

Do you want to make your phone a planner? Then, it is time for you to install and use Todoist. This app is basically a multi-platform planner that can help you organize your work and life. You can write down all the things you need to do here, set a priority level, delegate your task, or even check a productivity graph that records your progress. This app is ranked best-in-class by Google, The Verge, Apple, and more. That is why it is worth trying and using this app to keep your day productive. 

3. Habitica 

So, the next one is Habitica. If you guessed from the name that this app will be related to habit, then you are right! Habitica is an app for tracking and maintaining good habits. But the thing that makes it different is because Habitica is inspired by RPG video games. So, you will have an RPG character when once you complete your habit you can level up it. But, if you fail to do your habit, then it will damage your character. What's even more interesting about Habitica is that your avatar can join parties, get new gear, and go on quests. This app, Habitica, is available for Android and Apple devices. 

4. Noisli 

To be productive at work, you need a comfortable work environment. One of the things to make it comfortable is the background sound. That's why we're going to talk about Noisli now. Actually, this app can help you maintain your focus and block out distracting noises that can steal your attention while you finish your work. But how? In Noisli, there are 28 sounds that can be played singly or you can also combine several sounds to reduce distractions and help you focus more on doing your job. If you are interested, this app is available for Apple and Android devices, the web, and also Google Chrome.  

So, those are only a few of the hundreds of productivity apps that can be used on your phone. Hopefully, you will find this information is useful for you!