If we talk about productivity, then we are talking about how efficiently and effectively we use our time. That's why many people want to be productive because they want to achieve more or get things done faster.  

Now, the good thing is productivity can be taught. So, if you want to make some improvements and become more productive, then you can learn about it first. You can read some articles on the internet, watch a few YouTube video that talks about productivity or even listen to podcasts. But don't forget, you can also learn and get to know more about productivity by reading books.  

Actually, by reading productivity books, you can get deeper into the topic because books usually explain more comprehensively than online articles or even YouTube videos. 

So, if you are interested in reading a productivity book, here are some recommended books that you should consider!  

1. Eat that Frog 

So, the first book you should consider reading is Eat That Frog. Wait! Don't judge a book by its title! It doesn't mean that you have to eat the real frog to be more productive. The author of this book, Brian Tracy, make a metaphor that frog is our most challenging task. Actually, the metaphor comes from a famous quote by Mark Twain. In this book, you will find 21 productivity ideas and techniques that can help you improve your management skill and productivity, as well as avoid you from being procrastinating.  

2. Atomic Habit 

Well, the next productivity book to consider is Atomic Habit. As the name implies, this book focuses on transforming your habits. The author, James Clear, reveals practical strategies that can help you form good habits such as exercising every day and break your bad habits such as smoking. This book also will give you a new perspective on how your habit is one of the biggest factors that lead you to progress and success.  

3. Getting Things Done 

Actually, if we are talking about a must-read productivity book list, this book most likely will appear on the list. In this book, David Allen as an author, introduce to us some actionable, effective, and pragmatic management methods that will help us improve our day and get things done! Also, you will find in this book that productivity is related to the ability to relax because when people are relaxed and have a clear mind, they can organize their thought, be productive, and be more creative.  

4. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 

This book was written by Stephen Covey and we can say that it is one of the classic books for business productivity and self-improvement. As its title implies, this book is made up of 7 personal and professional habits that can help people achieve more! In this book, Stephen Covey focuses on everyone's capacity to eliminate their bad habits and develop new ones that can help them to be more productive.  

So, those are actually just a few of the many productivity books you can read. Last, we hope you have found that the information in this article useful for you! Good luck!