Consider using posters if you are trying to find a medium that can communicate effectively with the target audience in ways that are intriguing and attractive. Moreover, a poster is definitely cost effective. To further ensure that your marketing efforts with posters are successful, you have to make sure that the step of poster designing and poster printing are done well. 

There are several aspects that require extra attention and consideration during the designing and printing process to make a poster. Here they are: 

1. Color Processing 

Many people forget to check the color processing they use and choose to use the default of the software. Unfortunately, usually, the default of the software is different from the color processing used by the printer for poster printing. Printers usually use CMYK color processing, meanwhile, the design software usually chooses RGB color processing as the default. Designing in RGB and printing in CMYK will only cause color inaccuracies and unsatisfactory results, so it is absolutely important to match the color processing to get a result that is perfectly accurate, looking the same as the one you see on your computer screen. 

2. Design Resolution 

300 dpi is the ideal working resolution for poster printing or any other things to be printed in general. This resolution will ensure a crisp and sharp result, avoiding pixelated or stretched appearance. Of course, other than making sure that the design is in 300 dpi, you also have to design your poster using vector based programs instead of bitmap or others because vector based software or programs further ensure high quality results that won't be able to be achieved by other formats. 

You also have to make sure that the dimensions you design in are accurate with the size of the paper stock that you use to print the poster. If it is vertical, design vertically and if it is horizontal, then design horizontally using the right measurements to make sure that the result is just perfect. 

3. Final Check 

Before handing your design to the printing shop, you have to make sure that the design of the poster in general has no mistakes. But more importantly, you have to make sure that the content has no errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more. Send out the design of your poster in the pdf format so that the design that you have made does not change upon file transfer. 

4. Printing Service 

Choose a printing service that is reputable, trusted, and experienced. If you are seeking for high quality result, then you have to make sure that the printing service has all the resources to produce your poster in the best quality possible. Try to compare one place with another by their portfolio. You can also consider online printing service which offers shipping options that is very convenient especially if you don't have much time to go to the printing shop again and again. The decision of the printing service also has to consider the cost of production because you only have a limited fund for it.