Creative design is something that is important in a lot of things these days. More and more people pay great attention to the aesthetic of things. This makes the design of your name card needs to be pleasing as well. But of course, for a great name card that is effective, only the design is not enough. You also have to make sure that you choose the right paper stock, make the right printing decisions, and of course, add some finishes to make your name card pop more. 

In the printing world, there are a lot of different types of finishes available to choose from. People like adding finishes for their name cards not only for aesthetics only, but some type of finishes can also make the name card more durable. 

Curious to know more about finishes for name card printing? Let's go and learn more about it right here. 

1. Die-Cutting 

Die-cutting is very popular these days. With die-cutting, you can make unique shapes of your name card or cut out distinct patterns. Why is this wanted by a lot of people? Well, with die-cutting and making your name card shape out of the ordinary, you will have a greater chance of getting your name card noticed. Name cards don't have to be rectangular nowadays. People make it into shapes that can represent their business or brand identity so that they can get recognized better. Moreover, they can leave a greater impression that lasts on the recipient of the name card, too. 

2. Fold 

If you are one of the people who feel like you need to convey more than just your contact information with your name card, then this type of finish after name card printing is important. Adding fold not only makes your name card look more intriguing, but it allows you to insert more information without making your name card look cramped or stuffed. It is also quite an elegant way to make your name card stand out among the crowd. 

3. Embossing and Debossing 

If you want a name card with a distinct feel, why not try embossing or debossing? Embossing and debossing are great to highlight or emphasize a certain part or text of your name card, for example, the name of your company. With embossing or debossing, you can raise the selected surface or make it sink to be lower than the rest of the area. This creates a unique feel and makes your name card appear more professional. 

4. Spot UV 

Looking for a way to make your name card look shiny? Spot UV is what you need. Spot UV highlights a certain part of your name card with a varnish that gets exposed to UV light to make it harden. With a spot UV finish, your name card will appear glossy, slick, and definitely attractive. 

Different printing services offer different types of finishes. So, before you make your decision and design, it is best to ask first what kind of finishes the printing service of your choice has to offer.