You know that business card is a piece of paper with your contact information on it. But do you know that business card can also be a great conversation starter? And do you know that business card can even be a great way to pass down useful tutorial and trivia? Correct, business card can be much more if you make it right and utilize it fully to your advantage. 

But surely, a plain and standard business card can’t create such impact. You have to make your Singapore business card stand out at the first glance. To achieve such impact, you can make use of appropriate business card finishes and coatings available in the market. What are they? 

1. Matte Business Card 

Matte business card has a textured surface with a light clay coating. Matte business card is non-glossy and has very little glare. It has great bulk, opacity, and is inexpensive. This type of business card coating still keeps the ink from being absorbed by the paper thus creating a vibrant colour which is good for body copy and multi-colour printing. Compared to glossy business card, they are more resistant to fingerprint smudges. However, matte coatings are not the best for colour photos since the ink absorbed by the paper will provide less detailed colour photos than glossy coating. 

2. Spot UV Coating Business Card 

Think about glossy coating but the coating is only applied to specific area, not the entire surface. That’s the simple definition of spot UV coating business card. UV coating is a printing lingo that refers to the application of liquid clear-coat over printed matter which will bond and dry instantly when it is exposed to ultra-violet (UV). Spot UV can provide depth, contrast, and added dimension to specific area that you want to highlight from the rest of the card. For example, you can highlight your logo with this spot UV technique. It allows you to choose a focal point in your business card that will attract its recipient at the first glance. 

3. Embossed Business Card 

Embossing is a technique in paper printing when image or text is impressed into the paper to achieve a raised surface. In simple words, it will give a 3D effect to your business card. This allows you to highlight specific area of your business card just like spot UV coating business card but without the shiny part.  

4. Die Cut Business Card 

Die cut technique is a sure way to grab people’s attention at the first glance. Die cut is a process of forming, cutting, and shearing papers into desired shapes using specialized machine. Using die cut for business card will give you an edgy look. But remember, die cut should have a purpose and meaning. For example, if you are a hairdresser, you can die cut your business card into a shape of a comb. This will definitely elevate your business card impact. 

Those are 4 finishes and coatings for business cards. Choose wisely which one you will use for your business card to match your style perfectly!