The reality is, many name cards have outdated, ugly designs. Nobody likes to hold something that feels and looks cheap, at least, certainly not for long. And this means that whoever's name is on that cheap card is potentially not getting their return on investment. Just by looking at it, someone may assume that it belongs to a cheap or scam company, and then they'll just throw it away. But some simple design ideas can make a name card look much more professional. 

1. Importance of Ink in Name Cards 

A lot of name cards are created by using inks that are relatively poor quality. There's nothing wrong with using inks of lower quality; it's just that the image printed on them doesn't come out as well as it could, leaving that name card looking unimpressive. A great way to overcome this is to use a high-quality printing service that can produce some fantastic results at a reasonable cost. This is especially important if the name card is something that's being given away as a promotional item. These services also have tools to help create stunning designs and can easily be customized to the individual user's needs.  

2. Take Examples From Others 

One of the best ways to get ideas for your name card printing is to look at what other people are doing. Many online services will allow you to see what different design ideas people are coming up with. There are also many websites where you can see actual examples of other name cards and see how professional the design is. So there's no need to feel overwhelmed; just take your time and think about what kind of design makes you feel confident about your card.