Even though now the digitization of things is very popular and people are starting to shift to online advertising and marketing, a lot of businesses still demand poster printing because it is still beneficial to attempt online promotion as well. Often, poster printing is also good simply to let people know of an event, campaign, or other simpler things than business advertising even though it is most common. With posters, businesses may reach more target audience. It is especially good if the target audience of the business is not the type of people that find information about a product, service, event, campaign, or any other from the internet. 

No matter how high the quality of paper stock you choose for the poster printing, you won't get to achieve high quality poster if you can't design it properly. A good poster designcan even support high quality printing that is easy and with minimum error in the process. 

1. 4 Color Process 

Using CMYK colors or the 4 color process is best for high quality poster printing. Match the color process you design in with the colors used to print to get accurate colors. If you design using RGB colors but then print using CMYK colors, then the colors produced won't be accurate. You may notice slight differences from the colors displayed on the monitor and the printed result. So make sure you don't forget to design in CMYK or convert the RGB colors to CMYK before it goes to the printing process. 

2. Graphic Resolution 

Poster printing usually means that you have to print in large size. Thus, you need to make sure that the entirety of the design is of high resolution so that the images can retain its quality upon printing, no matter how big you need your poster to be. Remember to work in 300 dpi. This resolution is the best for high quality printing and will be able to get you sharp and crisp poster, moreover if you can choose the best material for it that is suitable for the purpose of your poster, for example for outdoor uses or indoors. 

3. Poster Size 

Determining the right size of the poster is important. Before you start designing your poster, you have to see the right size of the poster that fits the spot you will put it best and make sure that the printing service of your choice has the size available. Then, with that information, you can start creating a design that is accurate and fits the paper stock perfectly for a high resolution poster.  

4.High Quality Printing 

To ensure an attractive poster, you have to be able to find a professional poster printing service that can help you achieve high quality printing, the best quality that you can get. High quality printing can give off better and stronger impression toward the reader or target audience of your poster so that you can do a more effective marketing campaign and advertising for your cause. Of course, this high quality printing can only be achieved by ensuring that your poster elements are of high resolution.