Talking about a startup or a new business that is just starting out, many new entrepreneurs try to figure out what will bring their business to success. If you try to figure out what drives a startup to succeed, you will get such as hundreds of tips from books, internet articles, podcasts, YouTube, and other media with all of those startup tips. However, from all of the immense tips, there is one thing that we can say essential in influencing business success.  

The question now is, what is that one of the essential things that influence a business to be successful?  

The answer is design!  

Here are some of the reasons why design matter to startup success! 

1. Design Adds More Value 

Try to imagine that there are two products with the same function and specifications. But what distinguishes them is only their appearance or design. Which one will be chosen by most people? They probably prefer the product with a better design.  

In business, we know that design makes something more pleasing to the eye, but at the same time, it can also add more value to your product or service. That is why, for example, you may find that the same product with different designs has different prices. Products that have a better design are usually pegged at a higher price. 

2. Startups Need to Create a Great Impression 

The first impression is not only important to us as a human, but also to a brand as a business. Since a startup is a newcomer to the market, it is necessary to create a good impression. Why? The first impression will determine how your audience will perceive your brand or business, and it will also determine what your audiences will do next after their first interaction with your business.  

Today, people may encounter or interact with your brand for the very first time in many ways. That could be through Instagram ads, television commercials, and your products on supermarket shelves, websites, and many other ways.  

3. Startups Need Designs to Increase Their Credibility 

What will you think the first time you visit a startup website with a confusing interface and poor design? That is not quite good, right? Or maybe you just click back right after that. 

For a startup, design not only builds a good impression but also helps the business to increase its credibility. Is credibility important in business? Definitely! Do you think people will buy something from a new brand or business that they don't think is credible enough? That is the reason why a startup should consider investing in design for their business.  

4. Differentiate You among Competitors 

You are just a newbie in your market. There are lots of businesses with the same offer in the same niche as you. The question is, how to make your brand, business, or offer different from other competitors? How to make people can differentiate your brand or offer in the market?  

In starting a business, the design is one of the keys to differentiating your business. There are many ways in how design can differentiate your business. That can be through your logo, product packaging, website or app, and many more.