Are you thinking about using stickers as branding tools? That’s a good idea. Stickers are very versatile and likable. They are available in a variety of sizes and fit different needs.  

This can be an easy way to get a brand image. You can customize your design including your logo and make it as stickers. When people use your stickers on their personal items, it has potential advertising value. This can gain new customers and introduce your product. You only need to find unique ideas to maximize stickers in your branding method.  

Check out the following sticker ideas for some inspiration. 

1. Bumper Stickers 

A classic marketing strategy that has been used for a long time. But why not? This can be an effective and timeless way to get attention. People drive their car everywhere, it can reach further areas. This can be an advantage to expand your product and reach a potentially limitless number of customers. Create simple but eye-catching stickers to put on the car. You can try anything simple like go green campaign, your brand logo, or just an icon that represents your brand. And make it medium size, because you don’t want it too big for the spaces or too small to see.  

2. Laptop Stickers 

People usually put stickers on their laptops to look cooler. Most of them are a teenager or middle age. If your target market is one of them, you can use this way as a free advertisement. They are most likely to put funny or aesthetic stickers. So, create design stickers like short cool quotes, cute animal faces, or anything that fits to trend. Or if you have a cool logo, you can use it. Put your identity very small under the stickers so it can’t affect the image.