We often talk about stickers as a business tool. But we seldom talk about how frequent sticker is used to express oneself. 

A sticker is a fun little item that can be used as a vessel of expression. Much like how brands use stickers to convey their message, stickers can also be used to convey one’s personal message. Through custom stickers, people can show their hobby, life motto, favourite phrase, favourite icons, and their other interests outwardly with a twist of personal touch. This allows them to add their own individuality onto the sticker to make them stand out. 

Are you also interested in using custom Singapore stickers for personal use? Do you need sticker inspiration for your personal use? If yes, then good for you, because in this article we are going to list 4 unique stickers that you can use daily! 

1. Wall Sticker 

Wall sticker is an inexpensive way to gleam up your room according to your own preferences. Instead of repainting your room every time, you want a change of atmosphere, you can just use a custom wall sticker! Custom wall sticker does little to no damage to your wall paint, so it will be easy for you to change it whenever you like it. Some popular custom wall stickers include tree and falling leaves stickers, famous monument stickers like Eiffel Tower, animation character stickers, and many more. Picture your own wall sticker because what’s important is your satisfaction!