2. Laptop Sticker and Laptop Skins 

For some people, applying stickers to their laptops allows them to show their own colours. And they are certainly not wrong about it. While cut-to-size stickers are popular for laptops, you can also use the sticker as your laptop skins. Unlike cut-to-size stickers, laptop skins are adhesives that cover the whole back part of your laptop’s screen. Using stickers as your laptop skins is definitely way cheaper than buying new custom skins. Besides, not all laptop enables custom laptop skins. 

3. Warning Sticker and Informative Sticker 

Sometimes you want people to know things before you have to tell them over and over again. For example, you are sick of people barging into your room uninvited. You want to tell them to knock on the door before entering your room in an as effective way as possible. And here comes a sticker Singaporeto fulfil your need! Just put a custom warning sticker or an informative sticker on the door to solve the issue economically. A custom informative sticker can also be applied to other appliances to inform people about a certain thing. For example, tutorial sticker on how to use electronic devices and so on. 

4. Sticker for Your Everyday Items 

Last but not least, use stickers and apply them to your everyday items. This means you can put it on your makeup case, on your notebooks, on your food containers, on your hydro flasks, etc. By doing this, people will know whose items they are. So, next time you left it behind at your office or school, they will immediately know who to call. Also, the risk of your stuff getting stolen ‘accidentally’ by your officemates or schoolmates will be lower since they know to whom it belongs. Such a simple yet useful way, isn’t it?