Today, we can find there are lots of printing methods from conventional to modern. But one of the most popular printing methods now is digital printing. Most of you must be familiar with it, right? But, do you really know what digital printing is?  

So, to help you know and understand more about it, let's take a look at 5 things about digital printing below! 

1. What Is Digital Printing? 

First thing first, it is crucial for us to know the definition of digital printing!  

So, what does digital printing mean? 

Basically, digital printing is one of the printing methods that print electronic files onto various media. Since the existence of digital printing is influenced by technological advances, it is categorized as a modern printing method. 

2. How Does It Work? 

The work process of digital printing is different compared to conventional methods. Why? Because first, it uses toner or liquid ink. And second, there is no printing plate needed for transferring image because with digital printing you can print the image directly onto the substrate media. Because of this, digital printing is simpler than the traditional printing method! 

3. The Advantages of Digital Printing 

In this third point, let's talk about some benefits that you can get by using digital printing. So, here are some of the advantages of digital printing! 

  • Compared to conventional printing methods, digital printing is more cost-effective if you want to print documents in small to medium quantities.  
  • As we mentioned earlier, digital printing is simpler than traditional printing methods which require you to prepare a metal plate before you can print the document. 
  • Are you in a hurry and need to print your document as fast as possible? Then digital printing is the right choice for you! Actually, it is still related to the previous point where you don't have to prepare a kind of metal plates for it. Because of that, you can save more time, start printing documents earlier and get your work done faster. 
  • Digital printing is more flexible than conventional printing methods! Why? Because you can make some changes or even last-minute edits. This is another advantage of digital printing because once there is some correction, you don't need to rework or make some change to the metal plates.  

4. The Disadvantages of Digital Printing 

Everything has pros and cons, including digital printing! While we have listed some of the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of digital printing. So, here are some of them!  

  • Yes, digital printing is a cost-effective option for those of you who want to print in small to medium quantities. But it is not a good choice if you want to print in large numbers. Conventional printing, such as offset printing, is more cost-effective when it comes to printing in large quantities. 
  • Compared to traditional printing methods such as offset printing, digital printing still cannot match the colour quality of offset printing.  
  • Digital printing has fewer material options, also offer less range of ink and finish options when compared to offset printing.