If you are a professional businessman, you definitely can't forget about making your own name card. Sure, a lot of people exchange their contact information digitally nowadays. But using name cards in the professional business world is still considered proper and it can even put you in a good light. With a name card, you can definitely impress the recipient and this will definitely benefit you a great deal by making a great first impression. 

For name card printing, there are several important considerations that have to be made so that you can get the best results possible so that you can get yourself a great name card that helps you with your job. 

1. Paper Stock 

Choosing the right paper stock is important because it determines the quality of the final outcome greatly. It is best to invest in a premium quality paper stock for name card printing because this type of paper stock is thicker, more durable, stronger, and it creates a better impression as it makes your name card look expensive and more professional. You can even choose textured premium card stock to level it up a little bit.

2. Shape and Size 

These days, people don't really stick to the basic shape and size of a name card anymore. A lot of people are trying to be creative with their name cards using die cutting so that they can create unique shapes in an attempt to create stronger impressions ipon the recipient of the name card. If you want to be able to win, you should definitely consider making your name card look more unique as well by utilizing the finishes and available technology. 

3. Resolution 

If you want to be sure that you will get a high quality name card, you have to first make sure that you are designing your name card in 300 dpi, which is the acceptable resolution for high quality printing. If you design in less than 300 dpi, then the result will be pixelated and not appealing at all. Also, you have to remember to design in vector based software instead of bitmap so that the quality of design will be retained regardless of printing size. 

4.  Finishes 

Finishes are what you can add to make your name card look more appealing. Some types of finishes, such as varnishing, coating, and laminating adds an extra protective layer for your name card so that not only that it appears sleeker, but your name card can also be more durable as it gets more resistant of damaging elements such as moisture. Some other types of finishes can really make your name card pop up more, such as foil printing, metallic printing, spot UV, and others.

With these finishes, you can highlight the part of your customised name card that is important and make it shinier so that it will be easy for people to recognize it first. It definitely can help you in directing the focus of your recipient toward the priority on your name card, such as your name.