Knowing how important a name card is, a lot of professionals always make sure that they have a stack of name cards ready for various occasions. 

A well designed and printed name card is an essential tool for proper introduction of yourself and eventually your company and business. With a proper name card, not only that you can make a great first impression, but you can also leave a lasting impression that makes you get remembered better. Eventually, it can lead you to great opportunities and build a strong and beneficial relationship for your business. Even more, it can act as a subtle marketing tool that is quite effective as well for your business. So, it is a very important item despite its small size. 

If it is your first time in getting your very own name card, then you must definitely take these tips into account: 

1. Name Card Legibility 

A name card needs to look good, yes, but that is not all. You also have to make sure that the name card that you design for yourself can be read easily. You can't call it a good and effective name card if it is difficult to read. In order to make sure the legibility of your name card, first of all, you have to keep the text size at 8 pt minimum. Next, you have to avoid using too fancy types of fonts that might confuse the reader of your name card. Keep the font simple, elegant, and proper at all times. Also, remember to stick to a maximum of three types of fonts to use for your name card for the best name card design. 

2. Find Ideas 

Having your own imagination or vision of how you want your name card to be is good, however, don't limit yourself to that. Try to find inspirations and design examples that you can easily find all around the internet to enhance the idea that you already have in mind. This way, you can design it better and make good decisions too regarding finishes later on. Moreover, you can spot what is lacking in your own ideas and implement better design alternatives. 

3. Material 

Don't be satisfied at the first material that you are offered with. There are a lot of different types of paper stocks for name card printing that you can surely choose. It is all right to take your time to explore the materials and challenge yourself to a more unique type of material instead of settling with an average one for extra impression. 

4. Proofreading 

Once you are done with designing your name card, always and never forget about proofreading. First and foremost, proofreading is important to make sure that there is no spelling or grammar error on your name card design. But at this step, you also have to make sure that other design elements of your name cards are also perfect. Surely, you don't want any mistake in your overall design, so you definitely can't skip this one.