Motion graphic design is not an easy feat. It requires lots of patience, many inspiration, several revisions, and other things that will consume time and sometimes also inspiration. When this happened, we might hit the wall and lose our inspiration. If you are one of those people, we are here to provide some tips for a more inspiring motion graphic design.  

Brainstorm with others 

Believe It or Not, brainstorming will be able to give you lots of ideas,  especially if you work in graphic design agencies. As fellow members of the creative community, you will be able to exchange amazing ideas and \getting new tips and tricks to inspire your designing process. So maybe if you are stuck, you can turn to your fellow graphic design mates and get inspiration from them.  

Why does it need to be a motion graphic? 

Another reason why motion graphic designers are stuck is they do understand why motion is needed for the project, meaning that they do not understand the project fully. Our tip For this is to set aside some time and write down the purpose of this motion graphic design project.  

Where are you doing this project, and why does the client need a motion graphic for his project? Write down the answers you have gotten and try to make them synchronize with the concept of motion graphics. Once you finally get the answer, you will be able to understand the project better, and your ideas and inspirations might return. 

Create a story 

Once you know what you want to do with the design, it's time to create a story with it. Yes, a story is the most perfect solution to create the perfect motion graphic design work. A story here does not mean a literal story. What do we mean by a story is that we create the structure of the work. There should be a problem, solution, and result from the said solution.  

Let us use the example of a shampoo advertisement. Shampoo advertisements will always start with the hair problem cover; the solution would come in the form of a shampoo. The result will be better-looking hair that contrasts how the hair first appears. That is what we mean by having a problem, solution, and result.  As motion graphic designers, it is our job to show the things mentioned just now in the form of something that moves, whether it’s a real person or animation.  

Use small things to complete the work 

There are small details that cannot be seen right away but give a huge impact. Examples of the so-called minor things are sound effects and background music. He does those two aspects, your work will be dull, boring, And not appealing. Hanse, it's best to utilize the Minor Details as often as possible. 

However, some of those details require extra work. For example, if the music you need is not free for commercial use, you will need to obtain its rights to prevent legal troubles. They do work the effort though. 

We hope these tips will be able to give you the inspiration you need.