If you are thinking about an unusual approach to traditional marketing, perhaps you can try postcard marketing. 

It is not as popular as other traditional marketing alternatives, but it can still work even in this digital era. 

As long as you know how to design it properly and understand your audience well, this method can bring you quite the profit. 

Now, here are some tips on how you can stand out using postcards for marketing. 

1. Print Different Sizes 

Usually, you will find postcards in the size of A6 or approximately 4.25 x 6 inches. 

This size of the postcard is not too big and you can't really fit a lot of information for marketing. But remember that nobody says that you can't print bigger. Postcard for marketing can be printed in a variety of sizes and you can choose depending on your needs. 

The larger your postcard size is, of course, the more information you can fit into the design. However, you have to be careful not to overstuff the design of your postcard. 

The two popular alternatives for postcard size is 6 x 9 inches or 6 x 11 inches. 

2. Try to Stand Out 

If you want to be successful with this marketing method, it is important to stand out from the others. Now, there are many ways you can do this. But most importantly, you need to be creative with the postcard printing that you go for. 

For example, you can print your postcard vertically instead of horizontal. 

Or you can choose finishes that will give it a unique size and different look. 

These decisions may be simple, but they can give quite a great impact. 

3. Understand Your Target Market 

Successful marketing starts with a great understanding of your target audience or target market. 

Gather as much as information that you can regarding your target audience so that you can know the best way to reach them and make an effective marketing strategy using postcards that you print. 

This way, the money that you put into high quality post card printing won't go to waste. 

Before you start designing, make sure that you have conducted thorough market research. 

4. High Quality Postcard Printing 

Don't just settle for the average quality postcard card stock for your postcard printing. Instead, pick high quality card stock. How to know that card stock is of high quality? Well, you can at least tell its quality by estimating its weight or thickness. Better quality card stock for postcard printing usually is thicker than the average. That's why, card stocks like this are more durable. But of course, durability is not the only reason why this type of card stock is great. It is also the best alternative to choose because it can give you better impression on your target audience. People will feel that they can trust your brand better if you distribute postcards for marketing with this type of card stock because it will make you seem serious and proper. So, definitely don't miss your chance.