Postcard marketing? What is that? Perhaps this alternative for a traditional marketing strategy is not very well known. Despite its lack of popularity, postcard printing for marketing is still quite often requested. This shows that it still benefits many businesses especially small to medium ones. 

If you fall into that category, you might want to consider this type of marketing as well since it is one of the great alternatives for low-cost marketing tools. 

If you're intrigued, let's not waste more time and get into the tips of getting a great postcard for marketing. 

1. Consider Thick Card Stock 

Thick card stock means heavier card stock. That also means more expensive card stock. But you should not worry too much about the price because it will be worth it. Premium card stock produces a better postcard upon printing. Higher quality postcard reflects your brand better when received by your target audience. This will increase the chance of a successful and effective postcard marketing even if it is just a minor decision in the production. 

2. Coating or No Coating 

This is quite debatable. Some people prefer to coat their postcard for marketing, some don't. The cons of coating a postcard is that it will be difficult to be written on when necessary. Of course, it has pros as well. A coated postcard is more durable, lasts longer, and is safer when delivered through the post. So, many people compromise by coating one side and leaving the other uncoated. You can make whichever decision that you think is best for your postcard printing. 

If you choose to use UV coating for your postcard, you have to be extra careful. 

Although it makes your postcard colors appear more vibrant, a UV coating will make it extra difficult to write on. The great side about this finish is that it can make your postcard fade-resistant. 

3. Typeface 

The typeface is generally better bold to attract the target audience easier. A bold typeface is even more important if you choose not to coat your postcard so that it does not look dull. Thin typeface won't be able to appear nice because it will look fuzzy from ink spread on uncoated stock. 

4. Print Larger 

To make your postcard stand out, printing in a larger size can definitely work. It will make it stick out especially among other letters in the mailbox. The standard size of a postcard is A6 and you can definitely tweak it and go out of the box. This can make your marketing efforts more successful and you can bring more profits to your business. 

It's not always easy to get it right from the get-go. Postcard printing can take a lot of trials and errors. However, don't be discouraged by it. Always try to improve your design and make sure that it is as compatible as possible with high quality postcard printing so that the result will be satisfactory. Avoid printing postcards on your own with an office printer because it is a waste of time and resources.