Any businesses always need marketing every once in a while. It is especially important for a newly started business. Marketing can also be useful to keep in touch with your customers so that they won't forget about you. 

One of the greatest traditional marketing alternatives is by using a postcard. 

Even though it is no longer common in this digital era, this method still works. In fact, it can be unique and intriguing to receive a postcard in this day and age. 

If you are planning to use a postcard for marketing, then you have to design it as effectively as possible so that it reaches your target audience well and brings your business profit as planned. 

Without further ado, here are the tips and tricks to make your postcard a cost effective marketing tool. 

1. Print on Both Sides 

There are two sides to your postcard, it is best to print on both sides. There's no significance in the difference between printing on one side only or on both sides, so there's really no reason why you should not print on the two sides of the postcard. You can get a great return on investment by printing on both sides. 

By printing on the two sides of the postcard, you can deliver more information, insert an impressive image, and better the chance of getting noticed by your target audience. 

If you don't really know what to say on the other side of your postcard, simply insert a high quality picture of at least 300 dpi along with a strong call to action sentence followed by contact information. 

2. Coating 

Coating is a popular finish that a lot of people choose to make their postcard look even better. Not only that, the coating also provides extra protection to make sure that the postcard is safe during the delivery time or in the mailbox until it gets to the hand of their target audience.

3. Print Bigger 

Nobody says you can only print in the A6 size. If you print a larger size, you can attract your customers better. But of course, be careful not to overdo it and make it look overwhelming instead. Just print it a little bigger so that it can stand out among the stack of envelopes and other postcards in the mail. 

4. Use Bright Colors 

Bright colors with high contrast can easily gain the attention of your target audience better than colors that are dull. This will make your postcard printing more effective and successful. In designing a high quality post card, remember to choose CMYK colors instead of RGB to match the printing color processing so that you will get better and more accurate color reproduction. 

After making sure that your design is satisfactory, the next thing that you have to do is find a printing shop that can get you the quality that you want for your postcard. Ask for their portfolio or example before you agree on working with one so that you can make sure that the postcard you get will be outstanding.