A name card is basically a small tool for contact information exchange. This is an undeniable fact. However, did you know that it can also work as a pretty good marketing tool? A name card can subtly promote your company or brand and it works quite well. A lot of professionals are aware of this, and with the developments in trends in design, more and more people try to push their creativity in designing a great looking name card for stronger branding efforts. 

To put it simply, a name card is important, and the design of it makes it work best. So, if you think that your name card design needs some fixing, here are some of the key points that you need to pay attention to so that you can make it look better. 

1. Information Details 

Before starting the designing process for your brand new name card, you have to first know what information that you want to put into the design so that you can work around it to optimize the design as best as you can for it to be an effective working tool. A name card undoubtedly has limited space for everything, so you have to keep the content concise. Only include things that are of top priority, such as your company name, your own name, job title or position, e-mail, phone number, and the website of your company as well as social media if available. 

2. Decide on a Style 

You have to first know the general idea of the design style that you want for your name card. Preferably, a name card is designed simply. However, simple does not mean plain. You can go for bold colors or soft ones, just make sure that it does not cause confusion along with the text and other design embellishments. It is best that the entirety of the style that you go for has the identity of your company or brand so that you can go for stronger branding efforts. 

3. Special Finishes 

Great design and choice of paper stock are not enough. You also have to consider a proper finish for your name card as it does not only make your name card look better, but a finish like coating, varnish, or laminating can truly make your name card more durable so that it can last longer even for a long duration of storage. There are a lot of different types of finishes and it may vary from one printing service to another, but some of the finishes that you should consider are spot UV, metallic ink or printing, foil printing, embossing, and many more. Watch out not to overdo the finishes for your name card, unless you want to ruin it instead of enhancing its appearance and quality. 

4. Avoid Printing Mistakes 

Some of the mistakes that make name card printing not optimal is designing borders because it is not easy to get the four sides right. Also, some people forget to include a bleed area that ensures a uniform trimming process.