Nowadays, the mobile phone is the thing that can't be away from us. When we wake up, we check our mobile phone, or after being busy with something, the mobile phone is the first thing we look for. 

This means that phone wallpaper also becomes the first thing that we see when we check our mobile phones. For this reason, choosing the right wallpaper can affect our mood. 

But, what if we can't find the exact digital wallpaper we want? Don't worry. We can create it. These are 5 apps to create phone wallpaper. 

5 Apps to Create Wallpaper for Android 

1. Wallpaper Maker by Real Zhang 

This dynamic wallpaper maker supports us who love to create live wallpaper or to use video and GIF files as phone wallpaper. The quality of the video can be in HD, 2K, and 4K. 

Wallpaper Maker by Real Zhang has great features such as Auto Wallpaper Changer, Audio and Loop Mode for the video, photo editing tools, cool namecard printing templates etc. The most important thing is this app won't drain the battery power. 

2. Gradient Wallpaper Maker 

Some people just love using plain wallpaper without any picture on it. If you are one of them, Gradient Wallpaper Maker is what you need. 

With this app, you can choose any color that you like to create a gradient background. Mixing colors for phone wallpaper will be so easy and free.