All graphic design agencies must have heard and experienced the design of brochures. After all, it is part of the graphic design world (although not many realize that). Are you currently stuck at designing a  brochure? Do you need inspiration for your ideas? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. We are here to provide several ideas you can use for your brochure’s design. 

1. Colors for organization 

One of the most brilliant ideas we can use for brochures is to categorize the information using color. For example, information about product one can be printed on a blue background, while the information about product two is printed on another color except for blue.  

The trick above is not only neat but also eye-catching. It will help the audience to know which section they should go to right away for a specific kind of information. So you will have a cool design while guiding the readers to the information they want. Pretty neat, isn’t it? 

2. Focus on typography 

Another idea you can use is to focus on typography. You can do so if the information on the brochure is not a lot. 

 The brochure above is an example. We can see here that the brochure has a unique font that is enlarged and placed in the middle. Meanwhile, other information is placed at the bottom and has smaller, more normal-looking font compared to the one above it. The font is also able to match with the background properly, creating a creative look that stands out even from far away. It is a nice trick that can be used by everybody. 

3. Use images and icons 

If you have lots of information on your brochure but would like to pull a creative look, you can make use of images and icons. Using images and icons can make your brochure seem more genuine and less formal, giving a chance for more people to “open up” to the brochure. This tip is perfect for businesses who already have minimum standards for their brochures such as real estate brochures. 

4. Use statistics 

Believe it or not, but statistics can be a great way to present your information while beautifying the brochure. Statistics can present your information not in words but in numbers. There is no need to summarize everything when you have statistics because the reader can create their own conclusions. Moreover, using statistics as information will give the impression that the company has taken genuine valid research for their information. 

After you have the statistics information, time to design it! You can use a unique and modern look for the statistics, as it can help to decorate the brochure. Of course, the statistics’ design should also match with the brochure’s design. 

5. Make the colors and font stand out 

Your brochure can catch more attention when all of its parts stand out. Yes, all as in the color and the font. The bold colors and font will not only make the brochure stand out but also gives a unique and friendly feeling, attracting more audience to it. 

Which one of the tips above inspired you the most?