Rubber stamp is one of the essentials that you definitely must-have if you are working in an office. This item might be small, but it is really handy. 

Nowadays, there are several different varieties of rubber stamps that you can find in stores. Of course, you can choose to order it custom as well. Before you buy or make an order, you surely will be faced with having to choose the type of rubber stamp to buy or order. 

How about choosing a  Pre ink stamp? This type of rubber stamp is one of the most popularly used stamps now because of its many benefits. Learn more about the advantages of using a pre ink rubber stamp here: 

1. Simple 

A pre Ink stamp works in a very simple way. All you have to do is press it down against the surface that you want, and you will get a beautiful impression within a second according to the design that is carved on the rubber of the stamp. A rubber stamp does not need any specific way of handling and it can make an impression on a lot of different types of surfaces, including wood and even plastic other than paper. 

2. Durable 

Pre Ink stamps nowadays are made from materials that are durable, meaning it is strong and will last a long time. Even though made out of plastic, mostly. It may seem like it won't be able to last long, but plastic material nowadays can withstand various conditions. Moreover, it is light. So not only that you will get a material that is strong, but you will also get a stamp that is light and not difficult to use. 

3. Convenient 

A pre ink stamp does not need to be manually re-inked with an inking stamp, unlike the traditional rubber stamp. The ink is already in the rubber and it will re-ink itself after each impression is made onto the surface that you want. If you run out of the ink, then all you have to do is remove the older pad and replace it with a new ink pad. It is easy and mess-free. 

4. Highly Customizable 

The pre ink stamp can be carved with any shape that you want. Words, images, logo, whatever it is that you design can be carved onto the rubber part of the stamp. Moreover, it handles difficult to design better than traditional stamps. It also produces a crisper impression. 

4. Comes in Many Shape 

Don't worry about not getting the shape that you want with a pre ink stamp. If you choose to order your self-inking stamp, you can definitely ask the manufacturer to make it in a unique shape, whether it is round, square, rectangle, or others that fulfill your desires. 

5. Ink Color Options 

With a pre ink stamp, you are not limited to black color only for the ink. You can choose many different types of colors according to your needs and preferences. Remember to get the type of ink that is suitable for a pre ink stamp, however.